Does Your Partner Genuinely Love You? Don’t Tell Your Friends!

This post was initially posted anonymously on a “no name” blog I was writing. I no longer can sustain having multiple blogs, so I am transferring some of the content here.

couple in the field“Never tell your problems to anyone…20% don’t care and the other 80% are glad you have them.” ~  Lou Holtz

The situation is analogical with happiness and success. Don’t share it too much around, or even better, don’t share it at all.

One of the weak sides of people is that they can’t take someone else’s happiness. Everyone leads their own battle and everyone wants to be happy. When people are happy they want others to be happy too. Usually. There are also people who want happiness only for themselves. They want others to be observers of their happiness and God forbid if those observers take care of their own happiness.

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The Things You Do Together

This post was initially posted anonymously on a “no name” blog I was writing. I no longer can sustain having multiple blogs, so I am transferring some of the content here.

couple on beach, rocks, loveYou meet. You fall in love. You wish to spend together every second. You want to know everything about him/her. You are curious about their interests and hobbies. What do they like? What makes them happy? Everything about them is so exciting! You even find yourself liking things, you never liked before.

And then, when time passes, you know each other better, the fog starts lifting and you lose excitement about his/her interests. Do you not love them anymore? Is the magic over?

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When You Outgrow People And Situations

woman, walking, forest laneEverything in life constantly changes. Change is actually the only constant thing.

When I look back at my life up until now, I cannot believe with how many people my path has crossed. How many situations I have lived.

There were situations I would call my life and I would refuse to change anything about them.

I had a different “best friend” several times and every time I would believe, that the person in question was really my best friend forever.

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On Feeling Lost In Life

lost, woods, path, personEvery once in a while my life falls into a rut. I lose my joy and motivation. I keep doing, but I stop being satisfied with my results or, even worse, see no results of my actions at all. The confusion gets further. I lose my clarity in life. I become restless, anxious, lost.

My natural reaction in the past would be to try even harder. To overload myself with projects and get overwhelmed by unfinished tasks.

In the era, when distractions and information are flying towards you with the speed of light, it is easy to get a cluttered life as a result.

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Celebrating 8 Years In Cyprus Or 8 Things I Love About My Life Here

Cyprus, Limassol, beachYesterday (10 February 2017) I woke up early as usual on school days. I got up and went to do my morning routines – preparing breakfast for my daughter, tea, coffee; then I took her to school and the day continued in its habitual rhythm.

8 years earlier it wasn’t a regular day. It was a day, that became a door into my new life. 8 years earlier, I woke up with the dawn. Sleep hardly visited me that night. I was waking up every 10 minutes checking the time. My daughter, who was year and half then, and I, were about to have our first flight. We were flying to Cyprus to join my husband, who was already living and working here. He arrived a little under year and a half prior to us. Our daughter was only two months, when my husband came here. It was one of the hardest periods in our life together. We just had a baby and he had to leave and look for a better life opportunity. I don’t even want to remember that period.

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