When You Outgrow People And Situations

woman, walking, forest laneEverything in life constantly changes. Change is actually the only constant thing.

When I look back at my life up until now, I cannot believe with how many people my path has crossed. How many situations I have lived.

There were situations I would call my life and I would refuse to change anything about them.

I had a different “best friend” several times and every time I would believe, that the person in question was really my best friend forever.

I am a very emotional person and I used to easily get attached to a situation, a place or a person. I was probably looking for myself, who I were, what I wanted in life, and I would put my heart into every period of my life. I only now realize that all those situations were illusional and people in them weren’t meant to stay in my life.

I still remember the words of one of my teachers, who also was the teacher responsible for our class. I met her a few years after I graduated high school and was in the last years of my university education. I told her about my exciting university life and how I was going to miss all my friends and acquaintances. I truly had no idea how my life was going to continue without them when I was to finally graduate and return home.

And then she told me, that none of this would matter when I create a family on my own and the friends we create together with my husband will be much more important to me.

I could not believe her words. I was definite that this would never happen. Only the time, that passed was able to prove me wrong. I did emotionally suffer when I left the town where I studied, but when I met my husband and we began to create a life together, many people of my university years started to turn in nothing more than shadows from the past.

In life there comes a time when you simply have to pack and move on.

man with luggage

Pack and move on with your life.

It is the time when your life and you become bigger than certain people and situations. It doesn’t mean the people or the situations are bad. It simply means you have new horizons to discover and new things to learn. It means you continue to grow and change.

This keeps happening to me and will continue to happen. I meet people, I live through situations, we walk together with some people. We walk together through the parts of our lives where our paths cross and then we part. I taught myself that this is a normal and natural thing.

I no longer suffer when someone leaves my life. I know who the most important people in my life are. The ones I want around me forever. As long as they are still here with me, everyone else is free to leave, because they are just episodes. They are just lessons and experiences life has sent us. And if we part ways, we are probably the same experience to them.

The same is true about situations. Life changes. One can outgrow jobs, friendships, places, even interests. It is a little sad when something ends, but there is always something new and exciting waiting. Something that might never happen if you are unwilling to change things.

Remember, that such changes are part of life and also remember, that the most important people and things will stay part of your life. Life is a journey of self-discovery and we learn and grow through the people and the situations life brings to us. When we have learned our lesson we simply must go on. You cannot change and grow, and remain in the same environment. You naturally seek situations and people, similar to the You that you are now. As you transform, they transform too. But your essence always stays with you.



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