Returning to My Yoga Mat Project: Days 34-42

yoga mat, days 34 - 42Hello, world! Spring is almost here! Time for rebirth, new plans and goals.

This post’s mere goal is to end the series about my returning to my yoga mat.

Well, my project didn’t go according to plan. It was not even near, but my goal was reached: I returned to my yoga mat and for me this is the most important thing.

My main goal is to establish an everyday practice and I am not there yet, but I am practicing again. Sometimes I pause, life comes in the way, laziness comes in the way, and as it happened recently, flu comes in the way.

Regardless of everything I am continuing my work towards becoming an everyday yogi. I am still experimenting, searching for the best way to organize my practice. I know one thing for certain, yoga must be part of my life. When I don’t practice for a longer period, my mind loses its clarity, I get attacked by negative thoughts, I feel surreal. I know with my heart, that yoga is my thing. The thing I cannot be without, my personal space and oasis of happiness and bliss.

I failed my project, but failures and mistakes are here to teach us.

failure quote“Failure is simply the opportunity to begin again, this time more intelligently.” – Henry Ford

And this is my intention: to start again and use the “failure” as foundation.

I don’t plan to write about any further plans. Only results 🙂

Happy Spring, everyone! Whatever you are aspiring to, keep trying!


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