On Feeling Lost In Life

lost, woods, path, personEvery once in a while my life falls into a rut. I lose my joy and motivation. I keep doing, but I stop being satisfied with my results or, even worse, see no results of my actions at all. The confusion gets further. I lose my clarity in life. I become restless, anxious, lost.

My natural reaction in the past would be to try even harder. To overload myself with projects and get overwhelmed by unfinished tasks.

In the era, when distractions and information are flying towards you with the speed of light, it is easy to get a cluttered life as a result.

The tiny seeds of wisdom, I was able to collect during the past years, taught me to react in a different way. Feeling lost is an indicator. It shows that what I am doing is no longer working and regardless how much more of the same action I add, the result will still be minute.

Feeling lost is a sign to retreat from the noise and submerge in silence. One needs to hear their own voice, that usually gets weaker among the surrounding commotion. There are many inner questions looking for answers. I try not to force myself to find them. I simply try to slow down, relax and listen.

Making big changes in life during such periods is not a good idea. It is much better to make some small adjustments. To add some new activity to the daily routine. Or rearrange something, we already know, in a new way. The adjustment needs to be small enough to fit into our life and not big enough as to scare us.

We are vulnerable and shaky when we feel lost and can’t see our direction. And this is not the best time to make big decisions, that will bring regrets later. I prefer to wait for the fog to clear and take decisions, when I feel my mind and heart are ready.

The small adjustment, I suggested above, is needed to stimulate our brain. To bring us new or forgotten sensations, so that we find some answers faster.

It could be a change in the exercising sets, or tasting a new kind of food, creating something small with your hands, or even brushing your teeth with your weaker hand. Anything!

It will help clear up the mind and give yourself something to do while you try to hear your own voice.

I learned, that trusting life is crucial. We want to be in control of everything and losing the feeling of control makes us also feel as if we lose ground under our feet. This used to bring me into state of panic. With time I learned to manage it better. Not yet perfect, but better. I, personally, get on the yoga mat more often, when I feel lost. I watch positive, colorful movies or read funny books. I turn to gratitude and count my blessings.

I now know, that sometimes life needs to clear space before the new thing can arise. So I try to let go off all the unnecessary load and focus more on the important things in my life – my family, my inner searches, my goals.

woods, forest, person

Silence helps you reconnect with your inner Self.

Silence is the means to reconnect with the inner Self to get clarity and answers. I am not a good company anyway, during such periods in life, so I try to have less communication. I don’t need other people voices to subvert my own. So I retreat and (try to) patiently wait.

There are answers in all of us. How much silence we need is an individual thing. But I am sure, that when we are outgrowing a situation and change is imminent, there is this feeling of chaos, before things can take shape. And looking for our own voice is the most important thing we can do. Silence will help us see clearly, remove the old concepts in our life and find our new direction.

When you feel lost, stop and carefully listen. The answers will come. ~ Namaste


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