Returning to My Yoga Mat Project: Days 15-19

pink yoga matIn a perfect world, I would be nearing the middle of my project, but we don’t live in a perfect world. It is fine. We live in a world that is what it is, and in a parallel one, based on our own perceptions and created through our manifestations. We are different and the things, we manifest, are different too.

I am not very brave or enduring and that is why I practice Kundalini yoga. To transform, reprogram and become stronger on all levels.

It could be said, that my project really started on day 15. I need to put a reminder here: my project is to return to a regular yoga practice and make it stronger than before.

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I Decided To Move After All

snailSo, after a very unpopular poll on my blog ;), I did my own research and took a decision to change the theme of my blog.
I am very sad to part with Twenty Eleven, which I adore, but it’s only a blog theme after all. I moved to Twenty Twelve, a theme I never paid much attention to before, but with which I fell in love recently.
It turns out it is the first fully responsive theme, more than Twenty Eleven. It also keeps the sidebar on post pages and has better navigation between Previous/Next posts.
Welcome to my new-looking blog with a perfectly simple and minimalistic, but versatile theme. Exactly the way I love a blog to be.
Happy blogging!

UPDATE: I am currently back to Twenty Eleven and not sure until when. Both Twenty Eleven and Twenty Twelve combine features in them that I would like to find in one single theme. Still looking for “the one”. 

Which Theme Do You Like More?

wordpressThis is mostly for fun but I do need your help 🙂

I am a sucker for themes, that are narrow, simplistic, minimal. I don’t like the new big, modern themes. They serve their purpose, but not mine, which is for a small personal blog.

I like stylish, but minimalistic fonts, preferably San Serif type. I like them on white background and almost black color, the size 14-15px.

My two most favorite themes are Twenty Eleven and Twenty Twelve. I also like Twenty Ten, but unfortunately it is not responsive.

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