When You Outgrow People And Situations

woman, walking, forest laneEverything in life constantly changes. Change is actually the only constant thing.

When I look back at my life up until now, I cannot believe with how many people my path has crossed. How many situations I have lived.

There were situations I would call my life and I would refuse to change anything about them.

I had a different “best friend” several times and every time I would believe, that the person in question was really my best friend forever.

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Returning to My Yoga Mat Project: Days 34-42

yoga mat, days 34 - 42Hello, world! Spring is almost here! Time for rebirth, new plans and goals.

This post’s mere goal is to end the series about my returning to my yoga mat.

Well, my project didn’t go according to plan. It was not even near, but my goal was reached: I returned to my yoga mat and for me this is the most important thing.

My main goal is to establish an everyday practice and I am not there yet, but I am practicing again. Sometimes I pause, life comes in the way, laziness comes in the way, and as it happened recently, flu comes in the way.

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Happy International Women’s Day

flowers, yellow, whiteDear, beautiful women! Happy Holiday! Happy International Women’s Day!

Dear mothers, grandmothers, daughters, sisters, aunties, girlfriends! You are all wonderful flowers, that make our world such a beautiful and comfortable place!

Here is to all strong, caring, loving, inspiring women we meet on our paths.

I wish you all to be very happy and blessed in your lives. I wish you to be appreciated, respected, cherished and never feel lonely!

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On Feeling Lost In Life

lost, woods, path, personEvery once in a while my life falls into a rut. I lose my joy and motivation. I keep doing, but I stop being satisfied with my results or, even worse, see no results of my actions at all. The confusion gets further. I lose my clarity in life. I become restless, anxious, lost.

My natural reaction in the past would be to try even harder. To overload myself with projects and get overwhelmed by unfinished tasks.

In the era, when distractions and information are flying towards you with the speed of light, it is easy to get a cluttered life as a result.

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Celebrating 8 Years In Cyprus Or 8 Things I Love About My Life Here

Cyprus, Limassol, beachYesterday (10 February 2017) I woke up early as usual on school days. I got up and went to do my morning routines – preparing breakfast for my daughter, tea, coffee; then I took her to school and the day continued in its habitual rhythm.

8 years earlier it wasn’t a regular day. It was a day, that became a door into my new life. 8 years earlier, I woke up with the dawn. Sleep hardly visited me that night. I was waking up every 10 minutes checking the time. My daughter, who was year and half then, and I, were about to have our first flight. We were flying to Cyprus to join my husband, who was already living and working here. He arrived a little under year and a half prior to us. Our daughter was only two months, when my husband came here. It was one of the hardest periods in our life together. We just had a baby and he had to leave and look for a better life opportunity. I don’t even want to remember that period.

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Returning to My Yoga Mat Project: Days 20 – 33

yoga Or The Inner Barrier

This post would be totally useless, if I had to simply list the yoga sets I did for this period of time. In a two weeks time I only practiced three times – a hips class with Vytas Baskauskas, a 30-minute fun class with Rodney Yee and Mariel Hemingway plus the yoga part of Dance the Chakras (by Raviana), and a Budokon set (Flow and Flexibility). Not much for two weeks, ha?

First my kid went down with a stomach flu. Then we had a one-day trip. Then I was just lazy or cold, etc. Excuses, excuses, excuses. As you can see I am not yet a regular firm practitioner.

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Returning to My Yoga Mat Project: Days 15-19

pink yoga matIn a perfect world, I would be nearing the middle of my project, but we don’t live in a perfect world. It is fine. We live in a world that is what it is, and in a parallel one, based on our own perceptions and created through our manifestations. We are different and the things, we manifest, are different too.

I am not very brave or enduring and that is why I practice Kundalini yoga. To transform, reprogram and become stronger on all levels.

It could be said, that my project really started on day 15. I need to put a reminder here: my project is to return to a regular yoga practice and make it stronger than before.

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Returning to My Yoga Mat Project: Days 7-14

yoga matOr Five Sweet Quotes About Rest

Hello, world!
I already wrote about days 7-14 (15-22 January) in my last post, but for the sake on indexing and following the right chronology of my project, this post needs to be written. And I decided to write about rest.

Sometimes we just need it. We might think that if we try harder we will create better results, but it is not necessarily true. When our body and mind demand rest, we simply have to give it to them. In order to recharge and refresh, and return with new creative energy and strength to continue.

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Returning to My Yoga Mat Project: Days 5-6

yoga mat, days 5-6I continue to write about my Returning to My Yoga Mat Project. I am somewhat late with this post, because my days 5 and 6 were on 13 and 14 January, but I will keep it short.
My initial intention was to do on days 5 through 8, the same yoga sets I did on days 1 through 4. And it happened partially.

Day 5

On day 5 I did a second round of “Kundalini yoga for beginners and beyond”. I was feeling slightly readier for this set than the first time and it ended quickly.

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When One Needs Silence

silence, beach, chairI own a very anxious mind. A mind, that is often bursting with obtrusive thoughts and worry.
I also have a mind, that can easily lose connection with my inner voice. It can easily be influenced by the opinions and voices of other people. A mind, that can easily silence its own uniqueness and fall in the trap of conformity.

I could easily agree on topics, I have a different opinion otherwise , only to avoid confrontation.

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